Catalyst Day 2

Today was the final day of Catalyst 2011. It was just as incredible as the first day. While there weren’t as many big events or fun crowd things as there were the last time I attended in 2008, I feel so renewed and refreshed.

This morning we heard Mark Driscoll speak on the topic of fear. “Fear not” is the most common commandment in the Bible.

  • Fear is vision without hope.
  • Feat isn’t always rational, but it is powerful.
  • Feat in the mind causes stress in the body.
  • Fear is about not getting what we want, or losing what we want.
  • Fear preaches a false gospel and turns us into false prophets.

We also heard from Blake MyCoskie, the founder of Toms, David Kinnaman, founder of the Barna group, and Priscilla Shirer. She talked about sleeping through seasons of life, and always waiting for what’s next. I do this so often- “my life will be better when this happens.” Then we wake up one day and realized we’ve missed out on a huge part of our lives. I don’t want this at all.

Priscilla also talked about Luke 24:13. It starts with the two words, “And behold.” Basically, look at this. Stop and notice, because something big is about to happen. I truly feel like I’m in the middle of a “behold” moment. God is telling me that something big is about to happen. I can’t wait to see what it is, but I understand it may not be easy.

Tonight after the conference we went to dinner and talked about the biggest thing we got out of the conference, and our biggest takeaway. For me, the theme of Catalyst was my biggest takeaway.

“Be Present”
What does this mean?  The Catalyst book tells what being present means. Some of them really spoke to me.

  • Being present means wherever you are, you are all there. It’s our responsibility to embrace what God has put squarely in front of us.
  • Being present means when talking with someone, you look them in the eyes and listen. Not looking over their shoulder to see whom else is there. Be all there.
  • Being present is about focusing on and embracing the NOW. Not just passing through a moment to get to the next thing, but instead focusing on the right now, the present, the Today.
  • Being present is about engaging and listening to those right in front of you.
  • Being present means you’re all in when you’re at home.
  • Being present means creating margin that allows for the interruptions and moments of inconvenience, which can be moments when God the greatest work through us.
  • Being present means consumed by Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Because He is Present.
  • Being present means balancing a culture of distraction and consumption with a commitment to solitude and silence.
  • Being present means your staff’s dreams are more important than your own.
  • Being present is about staying. It’s about showing up and never leaving. Having presence in a place, location or contest. Being connected to an address, a neighborhood, a city, a zip code. 
  • Being present means embracing the role that God has given you right now, and bearing fruit in and through your life.
  • Being present means being involved in the community you are located in. Existing in community and not always trying to “create” community. Knowing and loving your neighbors.
  • Being present is being willing to confront things you disagree with and say things that are not popular.
  • Being present means being deeply rooted. Having maturity, and tremendous depth. Not being anxious or overbearing or sporadic.
  • Being present means being in relationship. Incarnational ministry. Creating disciples. Presence demands relationship. Being available to those around you, and casting self aside and focusing on the needs of others. Knowing those around you deeply. 
  • Being present is more than just attending an event. It’s more than just showing up. It’s being part of a moment. It’s a way of life. 
  • Being present means investing in future leaders and understanding the next generation. It is as much about looking forward as it is turning around and looking back.
    Being present can change the world. 

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